Front-End Javascript Developer – Amsterdam

Front-End Javascript Developer


The company:
Based in Amsterdam and specializes in online self-service support for mobile operators. The support tools enable mobile operators to meet end user demands (customers). They build web applications with a focus on visual appeal and most of all, usability. By their good work they are already awarded and nominated by renowned international elections for fast growing companies. The company already has 60 customers around the world such as: UPC, Orange and T-Mobile.


By helping customers with their smartphone related issues, they help create a happy customer experience. Self-service reduces support costs. Meanwhile, an awesome online experience also helps to acquire new customers. That’s why the company keeps up to date for all smartphones, excellent visual support, easy web usability and continuous monitoring of  (cloud based) information. With the information they generate by their actions turned to analytics, they try to improve online behavior


The team:

The company excist out of two development teams, a back-end team (services) and a front-end team (client facing interfaces). In the  front-end scrum team,  you will work alongside visual designer and three other front-end developers.You will also work with your  co-workers from the back-end team, the product owner and other stakeholders to create the best possible products.


What we see:

As our Front-End Javascript Developer you are specialized in core Javascript development.  You are aware and passionate about creating awesome applications; a real trend watcher when it comes to new technologies.


  • Create clickable prototypes.
  • Create new functionalities.
  • Couple the front-end interface (using Javascript) with the back-end JSON services.


 What you’ll get:

  • Compensation of travel expenses.
  • Great salary between €45K – €60K
  • BYOD policy with monthly compensation..Can I hear an Iphone 6?
  • Flexibility to work on different projects.
  • 25 days of paid leave.
  • Free, Healthy and Goooood lunch in your own office restaurant.
  • As much coffee and other drinks as you want!
  • Fun Friday afternoon drinks-> Party mode ON.
  • Brand new modern office with lounge area & Playstation 4 with 55” screen!

Skills and such:


  • Java and front-end technology (html, css(3), jQuery, javascript, mobile, responsive design, progressive enhancement, cross browser compatibility, semantic web, web standards, various frameworks), 3 years, Nuff said.
  • Big up for communication.
  • C’s:  Clean Coding all the way baby! …Correct html, Css and javasCript.
  • Analytical skills: check/Good at solving problems: double check.
  • It is a pre when Coffeescript, not only keeps you going in the morning..
  • Creative, no boxes allowed when it comes to thinking!
  • English the language of…technology; both in writing and speaking.
  • Experience with mobile development is a nice to have, but to be passionate about the newest technology is even nicer :)


Sounds interesting?

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