Senior Ruby Developer – Amsterdam

Senior Ruby Developer

Over the coming year we are scaling our lead generation platform, our Rails app that serves a growing 300 million pages per day. We need a Senior Ruby Developer to help make it more efficient, competitive and reliable.

As Senior Ruby Developer you will have plenty of opportunity to sharpen your skills in adding new features and going beyond Rails. Building Sinatra/MySQL services, contributing to our projects, and helping make our code-base more sustainable.

The business has a lot of ambition and a wide range of facets, so there will be lots of variety as well as hard work.

You do have to be a bleeding edge Ruby Developer, but you also will have enough hands-on and care about quality; there is plenty of backend, frontend, and infrastructure work to be done.

We are looking for people who love good code and would enjoy working with us!

The candidate will be responsible for the development of exciting new features for the company’s core software products — and for extending and maintaining the SOA comprising our software ecosystem.

Our SOA is composed of multiple critical components which are handling large amounts of live traffic and comprise the backbone of our business workflow. Thus, high availability, outstanding uptime and minimum response times are critical.

If you would like to join our team and be involved in shaping the future of internet advertising, develop features which will be exposed to hundreds of millions of users every day, go off the beaten path to design and develop high performance and high availability web applications, you should be highly proficient in:


  • Ruby – we’re using a mixture of off-the-shelf Rails and Sinatra apps, together with customized, performance focused setups of Rails and hand written ruby scripts (only Ruby 1.9.x).
  • MySQL – including 3rd party engines, like InfiniDB and InfoBright (for data warehousing).
  • CoffeeScript / JavaScript (we’re using jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap).
  • SCSS / SASS / CSS (Twitter Bootstrap is used to style most of our backends).
  • Redis
  • Memcache
  • Unicorn
  • Good knowledge of design patterns and modern web application architectures (MVC, REST, etc).
  • Source / version control (we’re using Git with Github).
  • Excellent oral and written English language communication skills


Any previous experience with data warehouses and reasonable knowledge of Linux system administration (including bash scripting) will be highly appreciated.


Good to have skills:

  • Experience with system architecture design and integration
  • Strong troubleshooting and debugging skills
  • Project planning and management
  • Experience with unit testing
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • LESS stylesheets
  • Maintain communication with external managed hosting party
  • Strong work ethic, committed through to completion


Challenging application

You’ll put your brainpower to good use, helping us figure out technical solutions to growing pains: working on a high traffic and growing web application that serves the needs of application clients, affiliates, and internal teams. Our servers are partly managed by a third party and uses Cloudflare to for its CDN.


You matter

We like to organise ourselves in small, focused, autonomous teams (3 or 4 developers and a product manager). You will have a say in architecture, planning, and how new product features are designed. You’ll also have the opportunity for variety and a new challenge by choosing the team or project that interests you at the end of each quarter. You can document your work well in our WIKI and maintain updates.


What we offer

  • Great office located 3 min from Amsterdam Central Station
  • Salary of Eur 60.000 – 80.000 per year excluding holiday payments
  • Daily inhouse extended lunches
  • Growing startup experience which makes profit
  • Free subscription to the gym, healthy work environment
  • Relaxing social atmosphere with ping pong table, darts and friday midday drinks


While its not a requirement, we’d also love to see a link to your Github account, links to your blogs, and details of any Open Source contributions.

Sounds interesting?

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